The Side Effects Of Poor Oral Hygiene

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Are you someone who loves to take the time to take care of yourself no matter how busy your day has been and you always take the time to not only brush your teeth morning and night but you make sure that you floss as well? Or are you someone who is very careless with their physical hygiene, especially with your oral hygiene and you feel that you have strong teeth and not brushing will not really cause any harm to them but recently you have been experiencing some severe toothaches?

No matter what your story may be, if similar to the individual in the first example, you are someone who truly takes the time every day to take care of yourself and your teeth every day no matter how busy you are and even get yearly teeth whitening treatments done or if similar to the individual in the second example, you are simply looking for a dentist now because you barely ever take care of your teeth despite a lot of people telling you that cavities are not the only thing that you must worry about when you are not brushing your teeth, sometimes things like stress or a bad diet can also heavily affect your teeth and their overall health. There are many harmful side effects of not taking proper care of your teeth and mouth. Read below to know what some of these are.


This is the most common problem that poor oral hygiene causes and one that all of our parents and even our family dentist Ballarat used to warn us of when we were young. We consume several different types of food and drinks every single day and not all of them are great for our enamel and other parts of our teeth. These food particles also get stuck in between our teeth and if we do not make sure that we properly remove all of the food from our mouth before bed every night by brushing and flossing, this can then cause bacteria to feed on this food and then affect our teeth. After several months of not taking proper care of your teeth, the enamel and other parts of the teeth are severely damaged to the point that the nerve endings are exposed to the air, and this is when we experience toothaches.

Heart diseases

Another common effect caused by improper oral hygiene is heart diseases. You may have never thought about this but when you do not brush your teeth and then suffer from conditions such as inflamed gums, the bacteria present in this inflammation can then travel through your blood stream, into the arteries in your heart and cause them to harden and this is one of the most common ways that heart attacks are caused.