Causes Of Infertility

One of the most hated health conditions especially among those who want to have a happy family is infertility. It is the inability to conceive for the baby. The infertility is becoming one of the most common problems both among the males and the females. The reasons for infertility in both the men and the women are entirely different but the aftermath is the same and that is the weakness to have a baby. Considering the increasing ratio of infertility all over the world it has become extremely important to trace the causes and reasons behind getting infertile. Some of these    major causes are as follows:

Causes of female infertility

Age is one of the most common causes behind infertility in Wyndham Vale. The women less than 35 are considered more fertile than the ones with greater age. A woman is born with the eggs. These eggs keep becoming healthier and greater in number as the woman grows. After some years as the woman completes her three decades of life the eggs start losing the quality and also the number produced in the ovary start reducing. After 45 the fertility becomes near to impossible.

Ovule malfunctioning can result in infertility also. Most of the women suffering from the ovule related problems have to fight back a     special ovarian disorder commonly referred to as PCOS. The irregular menstrual cycles depict that thereon with the ovaries. If this problem is not catered well in time it can have serious health hazards that ultimately lead to infertility in the women.

Tube blockade can also cause infertility in Carlton. the reproduction rests on the functioning of the fallopian tubes. In many women, the fallopian tubes get blocked and the eggs cannot reach the sperms. Hence, no fertilization takes place that ultimately leads to the infertility of the couple.

Fibroids are very common reproductive problem among women. Fibroids happen in three different forms. The fibroids can cause heavy periods or no periods at all. It has direct implications on the health of the uterus that ultimately leads to the reproductory problems like infertility.

Endometrial polyps are another problem in the female reproductive system that can result in infertility. They are the unnatural growths that happen to occur in the uterus. In severe conditions, it can lead to cancer too. If the problem is not very severe the polyps can be removed to cure infertility.

Causes of male infertility

Just like the women the men are equally facing the problem of infertility. Usually, the problem arises due to the problems with the sperms. Either the sperms get weaker or they lack the ability to swim to the womb comfortably. In some cases the sperm count also reduces. There are several options to treat infertility in men now. Latest technologies like intrauterine insemination can be used to cure infertility among the men of all ages.